While many aspiring homeowners in the UK aim to jump straight on the property ladder with a five-bedroom family home, there are many reasons why people choose apartments and the sky-high lifestyle that comes with them.

  1. As it’s unlikely that you will gain a garden with the purchase of your new apartment, you are practically guaranteed minimal gardening and outdoor maintenance. This can save you money, effort and time. Although, if you find yourself missing out on the gardening, you can still use your balcony or window area to have your own private garden which is protected from slugs and other ground pests.
  • With apartment living, it’s highly likely that you have 24 hour security, 7 days a week. With this constant surveillance and the fact that your home is above ground level with only one or two entrance options, you should find yourself more protected from any unexpected break-ins.
  • Apartment developers will analyse the area surrounding the build prior to the start of the build to make sure that it is suitable for residents. Because of this, the apartments will probably be situated in a prime location for the dweller, with local access to shops, public transport and communal areas.
  • With all amenities taken care of by the landlord, you also receive general maintenance care. This means that if your window breaks or your boiler needs checking, the responsibility doesn’t land on you.
  • When you rent an apartment, you’re surrounded by like-minded people and families. You are instantly part of a community, where each resident has a similar home with access to the building that you share. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and join in neighbourly gatherings.

Apartments prove to be useful, resourceful and welcoming places to live, and they are the most popular option for students and small families who are searching for affordable housing solutions.