There is an increasing demand for new, modern homes for a niche market across the UK. With Pinterest and hipsters having a growing influence on both interior and exterior home design, there has been a new wave of luxury, developments created specifically for this new generation audience.

The perception of a loft has been transformed from a cold, empty remainder of space into a trendy living space for those who enjoy an open-plan layout for their home.


This breath-taking location has been described as “an exceptional three-bedroom penthouse apartment, with private terraces and uninterrupted views of the River Thames”.

Avoiding the traditional four-corner structure, this modern home has rounded framed windows, located in what has been previously described as “a sculptural cluster of geometric buildings.”


This intricately designed penthouse explores the post modern approach to furnishings and décor, with an additional roof terrace, full of lush greenery. This home was designed by the famous architect, Sir Terry Farrell, and prides itself on the steel surroundings and fighter planes.


This one bedroom apartment seeps a sense of simplicity, taking minimalism to a whole other level. Empty spaces are a celebrated aesthetic for this designer, as the interior decoration fully complements the clean, sharp lines that were implemented by the architect.


This urban, artsy loft studio demonstrates simple living at its finest, with large open spaces and basic yet effective furnishings. With brick and concrete surroundings, and a steel shining kitchen, this design has successfully captured the essence of the warehouse in which it was built.


This indie approach to interior design creates a comforting environment with a homely touch. This apartment holds a natural feel, using timber frames and birch plywood ceilings and adorned with abstract rugs, lamps and houseplants.

These modern properties demonstrate a wide variety of art and architectural exploration, creating homes for individuals with a certain craving for style and elegance, and also for families who are looking for a large and functional living space.