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Whether you are a developer or another professional working within the construction industry, as construction insurance specialists, we can provide a broad range of services to support you.

In addition to structural warranties, we also have access to a wide range of construction insurance products including both those that might be considered niche and bespoke via our Principal – Kay International PLC.

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Below you’ll find our wide range of options for Construction Insurance…

Residential Warranties

You may be building a single unit using a bespoke design, or undertaking a complex conversion project, or about to embark on a large scale residential development.

At Compariqo, as your construction insurance specialists, we are able to look at a wide range of structural warranty options for you and our transparent service helps you to make an informed choice based on the facts and your specific needs.

Mixed Use Schemes

Many developments will include an element of commercial space, typically on the ground floor with residential units above.

Compariqo can source structural warranty cover for these mixed used developments whether you require cover for specific parts of the build, or the whole development.

Insurance Backed Guarantees

These guarantees typically relate to specialist works concerning flat roofs and basements when they form part of a new or newly converted development.

If your development has a flat roof or basement, some warranty providers will require an insurance backed guarantee, or IBG to be provided by the contractor undertaking these works. Whether you’re a contractor undertaking this work, or a developer who is required to provide an IBG, we can guide you through the process involved in obtaining one.

Contractor Insolvency Cover

Contractor Insolvency is a risk to all construction projects, which has been highlighted in the past with the collapse of Carillion.

If you are a main contractor involved with a construction project, you may be required to provide some form of insolvency cover, or bond up to the value of the building contract or an agreed sum. This provides peace of mind to the developer, should the contractor become insolvent.

Construction Bonds

Compariqo can quote you on a range of construction bonds. Whether you need a performance bond to provide assurance that a contractor will perform his obligations under the agreement, a payment bond to guarantee payments to workers and suppliers or a bid bond to protect project owners, we can gather a range of quotes for you to compare.

We can also arrange Road Bonds (also known as Section 38) and Sewer Bonds (known as Section 104). These bonds are largely required by local authorities to ensure that roads and sewers are built to a timely and satisfactory standard. The Bond is usually taken out on a voluntary basis between a contractor and local council for the value of the planned roadworks. As work progresses, the value of the bond decreases and ceases once the council has issued a final certificate to adopt the road or sewer.

Abortive Planning Costs

Cover your Risk of Planning Refusal

When considering how viable a project is from a planning perspective, refusal to grant permission is one of the biggest risks.  These risks can be covered with “Abortive Planning Costs” insurance.

Typical costs to secure planning can exceed £100,000…Why not protect yourself against potentially losing this?

There is also the possibility to add any additional specific costs that may be rendered abortive if planning is refused and has the flexibility to extend cover to funders or other parties with the insurer’s consent and mix the policy with other products to reduce risks associated with a development.

Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC)

For situations where a structural warranty is not already in place, a PCC is a form of cover that is widely accepted as a minimum requirement by mortgage lenders as defined by Section 6.7 of the UK Finance handbook in the steps to be taken when dealing with Building Standards Indemnity Schemes for new properties.

Also, much scrutiny is placed on the two years developer’s period with a structural warranty whereby they are liable for any faults in the first two years post completion.  A PCC avoids this liability period as total cover is provided on the PCC issuer’s indemnity insurance.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

If your profession requires you to give advice or provide a service as part of your business activity, you may need a level of Professional Indemnity Insurance cover.

Contractors All Risks

A construction site is open to many risks including fire, storm damage and theft leaving the site at risk of loss or damage.

The optional cover of Contractors All-risks insurance, also known as Contract Works insurance, can protect against financial loss from damage to site, personnel or equipment.  This option can be added to your builders or tradesman policy if you will be carrying out work on a contract site.

Contact us for a quote to protect against the cost of loss, damage and third-party injury claims.

Legal Indemnity Insurance

Legal indemnity insurance is increasingly being offered by Sellers or demanded by Buyers in order to protect buyers and lenders from reported defects in property that cannot otherwise be resolved.

Widely considered to be a fast and cost-effective way of covering high-risk areas that would otherwise need to be remedied, cover can be transferred automatically to a new owner and can be increased in line with the value of a property.

Deposit Protection Cover

As a Developer you are likely to be collecting deposits from purchasers to secure the purchase of a particular plot, often before it is completed.

Typically this is between 5 to 10%. As a developer, you may wish to utilise some of all of this money to fund construction costs. Within some structural warranty products, loss of deposit protection is built into the cover provided, providing protection to purchasers for the loss of their deposit, should you become insolvent.

There are limits with this cover. For other providers, deposit protection cover is not included and if you’re using deposit funds you may wish to arrange this cover separately to provide peace of mind to your purchasers that deposits paid are protected up to an agreed limit. We can help arrange this cover for you if needed.

Landlords Insurance

We can arrange Landlords Insurance for Developers and Property Investors to ensure that assets and rental income are protected.

Whether it be an individual property, an entire property portfolio or a block of flats, we can arrange different levels of cover according to your needs.

Many lenders make Landlords Insurance a requirement if you are applying for a Buy-To-Let Mortgage, and in the event damage to a property, standard home insurance may leave a claim invalidated if the property is rented.

A typical policy for landlords’ insurance can include cover for loss of rental income, damage to contents, damage to property and against liability claims made against you. We can also arrange optional extra covers such as Accidental Damage, Employer’s liability, Malicious damage, Unoccupied Property Cover, Property owner’s liability.

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Excellent, prompt service and we will definitely be using you again during our next build.  Both Steve and myself were impressed from our initial contact with Jaimie through to completion.

Jaimie explained in detail the insurance suitable and immediately emailed the contract for us to read. No sales pressure and responded when answers were required.

So, thank you again to you and your team at Compariqo.


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I found Compariqo thanks to my monitoring surveyor. This is my first big development, meaning a lot of insurance companies I was approaching directly, wanted to see similar projects I had worked on, but obviously that wasn’t possible. I explained the situation to Armand and the fact we had carried out a lot of work on the site already, but he assured me this wouldn’t be a problem.

Thankfully it wasn’t and the second site visit was carried out this week. Always available to speak if I have any questions and I would definitely recommend using Compariqo as they take the laborious nature of applying for a warranty out of your hands.

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