Warranty Plus

Compariqo are currently in the process of obtaining all the lender approvals necessary to fulfill the needs of their customers – but we don’t want this to prevent us from offering cover to the market.  Introducing Warranty Plus: all the benefits of structural warranty insurance, bolstered by a Professional Consultants Certificate.

Two products offering high levels of protection, for the price of one. 

Compariqo’s Warranty Plus is a combination of a Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC) provided by Compariqo, and a Structural Warranty from a choice of two different providers.

Once you have selected the warranty that best suits in terms of price / cover, we provide you with a PCC upon sign-off of final inspection, completely free of charge.

Provide peace of mind to consumers in the double strength of cover provided.

Accepted by 85% of Mortgage Lenders

After successfully trading as an insurance broker since 2018, Compariqo has recently become a provider of structural insurance after securing our own lines of insurance capacity. 

We currently have applications submitted for acceptance of our structural warranty policy, and have successfully been accepted by some lenders. With the process of attaining all approvals being lengthy, we have devised the Warranty Plus product to combat any potential issues with lender approval acceptance that may arise. 

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