Partnerships with
Approved Inspectors

At Compariqo, we specialise in partnering with approved building control inspectors. With fully comprehensive policies and a swift professional service, we invite you to join our community and enjoy the benefits provided to all our partners.

We collaborate With Approved Building Control Inspectors

As an independent insurance provider, with Headquarters in Liverpool and an office in Belfast, we specialise in arranging ten and twelve-year structural warranty and construction insurance cover as well as accessing extensive property finance solutions for the construction industry and property market throughout the UK.

Our aim is to transform the structural warranty and property finance market by being at the forefront of technology with data driven underwriting, expertise and market knowledge. Our extensive product range means that we can access finance or arrange insurance cover at every stage of a project’s development.

What can we offer Approved Building Control Inspectors?


Dedicated Approved Inspector Team

Our dedicated Approved Inspector Team is comprised of industry experts with extensive knowledge and expertise in the construction insurance market. Our team are committed to providing personalised support and guidance to approved building control inspectors, ensuring that every aspect of their partnership with us is seamless and successful.


Same-day Non-Binding Indications

It’s important to us that Approved Inspectors receive efficient and timely service. We take pride in being able to provide same-day non-binding indications, providing you with the information you need on time.Our streamlined processes and advanced technology allow us to swiftly assess project requirements, gather necessary data and generate accurate pricing, ensuring that you can respond promptly to your clients’ needs.


No reinstatement value (RV) limit

Our mission is to support the market with projects of any size. Due to this, we are proud to offer coverage without any limit on a project’s reinstatement value (RV). Regardless of the size of the project, we can handle it.

Bespoke communications and quoting processes to suit you

Send us the client information, and our staff will take care of the rest. We’ll communicate with your client directly, giving them a personalised estimate while assuring them that you will be the one performing the inspections. There are benefits for all parties involved!

Send us a longer submission that contains all the usual data you collect. Our committed team of professionals will quickly review the information and produce a price that you can give to your clients. Enjoy a simple procedure that provides the highest level of expertise and accuracy.

Easily create “quick quotes” with our user-friendly portal. Then you can present your clients with the generated price within moments of entering the necessary information. A convenient tool for saving time and enhancing services.

By partnering with us, you’ll have access to a wide range of benefits, including streamlined processes, increased efficiency and exceptional customer service.

What capacity do we have available?

We can offer approved building control inspectors both A-Rated and Unrated Latent Defects Insurance for their clients.

Flexible terms and financing options available.

    Option 1 - A-Rated

      On the top ten list of the world’s largest insurance companies with total assets exceeding $1 trillion and a net income of $13 billion. Passported into the UK by BCR ltd we can offer your clients flexible limits on their developments whilst having no upper limit.

      Option 2 - Unrated

        A company that has grown to be larger than most rated insurers in the UK. FSCS protected and among its many accolades, it is the largest supplier of surety locally in Europe.

        Option 3 - Unrated

          As a company that is unique in that it is employee-owned, this has served them tremendously well in generating growth. Proving a 100% year-on-year increase in net written premium for the last four consecutive years, whilst increasing their balance sheet to $260m as a result of this extraordinary growth.

          What else do we offer our Approved Inspectors?

          Exclusive Approved Inspector Merchandise Kit
          In appreciation of your partnership and commitment to referring business to our trusted insurance provider, we are excited to offer you an exclusive AI Merchandise Kit. This kit is specially designed to provide you with valuable resources and branded items that can benefit both you and your clients.

          CPD training for you and your team
          We understand the importance of continuous professional development (CPD) for approved inspectors like yourself and your team. As part of our commitment to supporting your growth and success, we are thrilled to offer you exclusive CPD training opportunities when you refer business to Compariqo.

          Commission and Referral Fees
          We understand that timely and transparent payment processes are essential. Therefore, we ensure that our commission and referral fees are paid promptly and accurately, allowing you to focus on serving your clients while reaping the rewards of your referrals.

          Alternatively, contact us today for more information on how we can work together.