The housing market moves at 100mph, and Developers are eager to deliver on timescales so that homeowners can move in to their new home on time. 

Well, no one but most of the issues listed below are due to people rushing to be finished on time. Every effort is made to spot these issues during a Compariqo inspection, but all good builders should have a robust snagging process in place before a new owner moves in.

Loft Insulation


Loft insulation should be laid to a uniform thickness without blocking ventilation points. An area without enough insulation is known as a cold spot and is subject to issues associated with increased heat loss. From experience this is usually due to an electrician who in conducting a last-minute task does not bother putting the insulation back into place. Sometimes you can even find evidence in the form of a left red screwdriver such is their rush.



Guttering and Downpipes


Poor fitting or sections missing. The first heavy shower will often test the joints. The slightest movement due to the sunshine will cause leaks. On a sunny day you can hear the creak black PVC expanding.



The sealing of a kitchen or bathroom is art. Specialist sealant installers do not use their fingers to smooth the finish. Getting the right person to do the job not only looks good it will avoid potentially costly leaks.

Trickle Vents


A Trickle vent may not look that special, but they provide an essential function in allowing fresh air into a room. This will keep the relative humidity at an acceptable level avoiding mould and condensation. Make sure the correct size vent is used and even check there is a hole through the window. It has been known to fit the covers without a physical opening to fool the inspector.

Extractor fan vents and ducting


 Extractor fans must be sized appropriately depending on their location and most importantly ducted to outside air. Most first floor fans have ducting within the loft space which is connected to a purpose made tile vent. A common issue is that the duct falls off the tile vent due to the incorrect fixing method. This ultimately means that the saturated air within the duct ends up in the loft space. The installation of a fan must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Although rare it has been known to not bother with ducting at all.



By cracks we are talking about settlement cracks and not those associated with subsidence. Settlement cracks are annoying and not worth repairing until the settlement has finished and this could last for 3 years. The problem is worse with timber frame and can be alarming if the owner is not aware of what is happening.

External Render


Modern render systems can look really smart and are ever popular. However, the slightest site damage can stick out like a sore thumb even when it’s been repaired. Rendering is a specialist trade so make sure the finish is consistent. Some jobs look fine until they catch the sunlight! Through colour render is also prone to cracking if not applied correctly.

Need Cover on a Project?

As an independent broking business, Compariqo is focused on arranging structural warranty and insurance cover for residential developments for our customers. As well as a suite of complementary insurance products to meet the demands of developers and SME builders, we can also source a wide range of finance solutions through our relationship with one of the UK’s top business finance specialists and their extensive panel of lenders, meaning we can cover all of your construction insurance and property finance needs.