New studies published by the Children’s Commissioner has recently brought to light the drastic amount of homeless youths in the UK. Due to the lack of social housing being built and the current ongoing political uncertainty taking its toll on the market, there is around 200,000 homeless children suffering in the UK. Because of this, it is crucial for the new home completion target to be met, or more so exceeded in order to meet the rising demand.

One solution that is sparking conversation is modular housing, a new style of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). The latest advancements in MMC are showing great improvements in both quality and productivity while bringing prices to a lower level in multiple areas of the sector.

This innovative modular solution can offer the benefit of shorter production time in comparison to the traditional brick-laying method which evidently speeds up the overall delivery of the homes.

A skills shortage has been noted throughout the UK’s construction community and while progress is being made, the stunted growth in the amount of aspiring construction workers has still shown to have a negative impact on the industry’s reputation for efficiency.

In regard to the issue of a shortage of construction workers, modular housing offers an additional push which is so desperately needed in order to achieve the goals in place for the remaining months of 2019 as it minimizes the demand for on-site labour.

Modular homes are manufactured in a factory and later transported to the site. This means that from laying out the foundations to adding the light fittings and bathroom tiling, every step is controlled and maintained within the factory. This closely monitored form of production ensures quality, accuracy and the highest performance of each build, therefore lowering the risk of any mistakes and also reducing the environmental damage that can be caused in the construction process.

The lack of social housing within the UK is having a significant affect on the homeless population, most prevalently within the younger communities. With this advanced level of production, the construction industry could see a wave of new homes being built which could help to provide affordable and comfortable living for the people who need it.