A revolutionary new crawler crane that could make a valuable contribution to the UK´s target of zero carbon has been launched by Liebherr.

Cranes are invaluable to the construction industry in lifting heavy components and to have the opportunity to do so without producing harmful emissions is an important factor to contribute towards a cleaner environment.

The LR1250 and 1200 Unplugged are additional milestones in Liebherr´s zero-emission construction machinery portfolio that have been designed to effect change.  As well as environmental sustainability, the unplugged cranes combine operator benefit with efficiency but with the performance of the crane being identical to that of the diesel-powered version.

Low noise levels are a huge advantage when working in built up or residential areas and are also better for workers onsite.

Battery capacity is around 4 hours lifting operation and can be recharged on standard onsite electric supplies (32A, 63A) which takes around 4.5 hours or 2.25 hours with 125 A .  Thanks to the battery-electric drive design the cranes are cable free – as intimated in the ¨unplugged¨ name.

Gerhard Frainer, Managing Director for Sales at Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH said “Especially the year 2020 has shown that one must be open-minded and bold to break new ground. With our unplugged cranes we offer our customers an alternative drive design. As we have already seen with the LB 16 unplugged, the first battery-powered drilling rig, the strategy is a complete success. Strict requirements regarding environmental sustainability in tenders for construction projects increase the demand for advanced technologies. For us, it was clear that we extend and successfully establish the design in further product groups.”

Interest in the crane has been phenomenal with 25,000 of the below video in 24 hours