NHBC’s latest registration figures July saw a 9% drop in the number of new homes registered in the UK, compared to the same period of 2018.

Studies show that a  total of 14,262 new homes were registered in July 2019, in comparison to 2018’s figure of 15,719.  For the private rental sector, there were 10,398 new homes registered in 2019, as opposed to the 11,877 new registrations in 2018. The affordable and rental sector saw a small increase in new homes, putting the number up by 40 to 3,864.

Throughout May and July, there have been 44,163 new homes registered, which is 964 higher than the figures recorded in 2018.

Private rental sector at 30,584, affordable and rental sector at 13,579 in 2019.

Private rental sector at 30,841, affordable and rental sector at 12,358 in 2018.

The capital had 6,513 registrations over the previous three months, which is 21% more than the figures from the year before. The West Midlands saw a 21% increase and the East of England saw 26% increase.

Steve Wood , the NHBC Chief Executive, said: “Although new home registrations for July are down compared to 12 months ago, we are still seeing signs of growth coming through with the rolling quarter. Despite the uncertainties and concerns around Brexit, the industry remains resilient and you can see that in these figures.”

The NHBC statistics highlights that, despite the decrease in new home registration figures in July this year in comparison to last year, there are still positive figures being shown in regions across the UK.

30,584 new homes were registered in the private sector, compared to 30,841 in the previous year, and 13,579 new homes were registered in the affordable and rental sector, compared to 12,358 in the previous year.