Part Two – By Compariqo’s Head of Risk Managment, Dan Holding.

Once the Certified Surveyor in Structural waterproofing (CSSW) is appointed they will work with the existing design team. Early involvement means that the waterproofing design can be incorporated into other elements of the structure.

The CSSW will conduct a risk assessment which will be based on the findings of the initial site investigation with additional research into other factors such as the water table and local topography

The risk assessment will enable the Surveyor to design a system that will provide waterproofing in accordance with BS8102:2009


There are 3 types of waterproofing available as follows:

Type A Waterproofing: Barrier Protection

Type B Waterproofing: Structurally Integral Protection

Type C Waterproofing: Drained Protection, Cavity Drain Membranes and Construction Drained Cavities

Types A-C will usually be specified as a combined system. The below are acceptable combinations and will reflect the risk and the proposed use of the basement etc…

Type A and Type B

Type A and Type C

Type B and Type C

Why do you need combined systems? – Waterproofing of below ground structures is a substantial risk. A pin prick defect can allow the penetration of water. Using products in combination mitigates this risk and considers the worst-case scenario of making repairs if a defect occurs.

For Grade 3 protection a combined system is required.

The design of the waterproofing is not the only critical element, although this will make sure that the correct products are specified. In addition, aways consider contractors that have experience in this type of work. There is no point spending money on the expertise of specialist designer if there is lack of knowledge on site.


What Compariqo require?

Along with the Surveyors design, the finished basement or below ground structure will require an Insurance Backed Guarantee covering both materials and workmanship.


To protect the end user with peace of mind.

Compariqo can help with any queries that you may have. The key is to consider these requirements in the initial stages and get the right people to do the right job. If work has started on site, it may be too late.


For full details of the requirements please refer to BS8102:2009

Insurance Backed Guarantees - Through Compariqo

Speak to us about a quote for an IBG.  If you are currently building and require an IBG for Structural Warranty cover, we can give you a same-day combined quote for both under one policy.