If you work on a construction site or you have decided to take up a new hobby as a handyman (or woman), these five construction hacks will make your life that little bit easier. Knowing these simple tricks will enhance your knowledge and you can create a more efficient, practical working space either on site or in your home garage.

  • You can actually use a rake to mix concrete. While this may have not been included in your training, it’s a great way to get the perfect texture when mixing water and powder.
  • Try to use a clamp to secure items to a surface when working on rooftops with little space to keep your pipes, ropes and tools. Simply clamp the belongings straight to a rooftile or the chimney using the hooked handles for support.
  • You could use a modified jigsaw blade to saw through foam without leaving a huge mess. Just run the blade over the grinder to remove the teeth for a smoother finish and to avoid having small bits of foam flying off the saw.
  • If there are plastic pipes that are slightly out of reach, you can use Mason’s string. All you need to do is grip in both hands and pull back and forth until the friction cuts through the plastic.
  • If you’re looking to make a hole in the ground in order to secure an object, try using a power drill. That way, you can push through the soil with ease and you won’t need to use a hammer. 

Take your skills to the next level with these handy hacks, using things around the house and construction site to create practical inventions, saving you from spending a fortune on the latest tech construction gadgets.