When you’re constantly on-the-go, it can be hard to keep up to date with recent industry news, this is where podcasts come in.

Podcasts are taking over as the new way for industry experts to stay updated with the latest stories and these chatty voice-overs can include interviews, conversations and debates to discuss controversial topics as we hear deeper explanations on the views around construction and development

If you haven’t yet jumped on the craze, these are the top five construction podcasts that you need for your daily commute to work:


Whether you are a student with a knack for building, an aspiring developer or an experienced construction contractor, you can definitely benefit from tuning in.

 With these podcasts, spend your train journeys or Uber rides submerged in discussions with industry experts who are sharing their views on climate change, construction technology, future builder generations and much more. You can hear the latest news stories, conversations and industry events on Spotify to learn everything you need know in order to be equipped for absolutely anything at work.

In addition to providing a great source of industry knowledge, these podcasts have become a platform for the construction community to engage in dialogue and share insights. These are not just one-sided broadcasts; rather, they open up avenues for active discussion and contribution from listeners. For instance, you may find yourself sending in a question to be answered in the next episode, participating in online forums linked to the podcasts, or even being invited to speak as a guest. Through this, the learning becomes more interactive, and you get the chance to have your voice heard in the construction community.


Full Playlist of Trending Topics for Construction Podcasts: https://open.spotify.com/show/2Yw7xHaSaqQcq7eRTLVsiu