A recent survey conducted by Dakea, a leading manufacturer of roof windows built for the trade has revealed that 78% of tradespeople believe that the industry needs more recruits which it is currently seriously underutilising.

The survey questioned 500 roofers, installers and contractors about their thoughts regarding attitudes and opinions to apprentices in the industry.

The construction industry is currently facing a shortage of skilled workers and so it comes as no surprise that 74% of respondents believe that there needs to be more support for tomorrow’s workforce.

A survey conducted in 2011 estimated that 1 in 5 construction workers were aged 55 or over, meaning that these workers will now be nearing retirement age, leaving a gap in the number of skilled workers in the near future.  This gap could be combated through the utilisation of apprentices.

The employment of more apprentices will also have a more positive impact on the adoption of technology in construction, due to the fact that younger people are more digitally able.  Covid-19 is changing many of the processes that are now being digitally practiced, although there are still only 75% of the industry that have admitted to being comfortable adapting to new technology in comparison to 100% of people who have only been working in the industry for less than 2 years.  This is due to these people being younger, recently qualified and more adapted to using technology which is further proof of the positive impact young apprentices can have on the industry.

Dakea is committed to helping the industry hire more apprentices, and through their “Trade Matters” campaign, has highlighted areas where the industry needs more support and produced a series of free guides to include:

How to find and hire an apprentice

How to develop your apprentice

How to access support and training collateral from Dakea

Mhairi McDougall, Country Manager UK and Ireland at Dakea, said:

“The construction industry has been facing a skills gap for years, something that needs remedying to ensure we have enough skilled workers to meet industry demands in the near future:

“Having grown up around technology and social media, apprentices are digital natives making them best placed to help businesses adopt emerging technologies and futureproof businesses. Apprentices can offer a fresh perspective on potentially exhausted working practices and at Dakea, we believe that the more businesses invest in apprentices, the great reward they will see.”

Click here to download the free guides and find out more about Dakea’s survey