When working on a construction site, it is important to be well- equipped for any task that falls in your path. To ensure great productivity at work, your tool bag should be equipped with everything that you need for a successful finish.

  1. Bolster – A chisel-like object used to cut and separate bricks. Its slicing edge is wider than the width of the brick, which makes it a useful tool for cutting bricks accurately.
  • Digging Bar – A solid metal rod featuring a pin shape at the bottom, used to dig up hard surfaces of ground.
  • L – Frames – A levelling tool that is attached to a thread in order to firmly hold the brick in place for alignment.
  • Float – A wooden panel with a handle, used to smoothen any plastered concrete surface.
  • Head Pan – An iron bowl which is used to carry any concrete or excavated soil while working on site.
  • Hoe – A wooden rod with an acute angle at the end which is used to excavate soil.
  • Plumb Bomb – Used to check the verticality of structures, this metal bob-shaped object is attached to a piece of string.
  • Putty Knife – Useful for scraping, leveling and reducing the thickness of the putty finish,
  • Earth Rammer – A rod with a heavy square-shaped block at the end, used to level any uneven ground after excavation.
  1. Scratchers – Used to make grooves in the fresh plaster in order to bond the second layer firmly with the first.

You can buy these must-haves at your local B&Q or Wickes to update your tool bag with the best construction equipment so that you can get your project done quickly and efficiently.