3D printing has made a promising breakthrough for the construction industry, with an increasing number of technologically manufactured homes being built across the globe. The use of three-dimensional printing in construction began with the introduction of printed prototypes and gradually, ideas became more ambitious leading to today’s futuristic approach to building

To mark the recent success seen within the construction industry through the use of 3D printing, Europe’s first printed building has been completed in Copenhagen under the official title of The BOD – standing for “building on demand.”

The title itself connotates the upcoming success for the concept of technologically printed buildings and the Danish company aspired to illustrate the future of the machines’ economically and architectural beneficial potential.

The building acts as an office space for the harbour surrounding it, adding a contemporary twist to what once was a traditional industry.

While 3D technology allows freedom in the ability to design more innovative and creative designs, the BOD is fairly simplistic. However, with a complex structure and a severe lack of straight walls, the BOD eschews from any standard building types, making it revolutionary for most European building trends.

Collaborating with FORCE Technology, the designers at BOD created an environmentally friendly concrete, using recycled elements, creating a strong and sustainable material.

Since BOD was built, there has been a new version released which has been improved functionality and stability compared to the initial product, BOD. Unlike the old machine, BOD2 is equipped to build any size of structure and consists of a gantry system with several modules, each of which is 2,5 meters in length and can extend to fit the size of the project. Each BOD2 printer will contain a minimum of the following elements; 1 customisable print head, 1 X-axis carriage base, 2 Y-axis carriage bases, 4 Z-axis carriage bases.

The BOD2 has a modular pricing system which allows you to purchase the machine that is the most suitable for your construction plans.

– Name: BOD 2 – 121   Price: £356.574  Print Area: 1,9 x 4,7 x 1,5

1 X-axis module, 2 Y-axis modules, 1 Z-axis module

Name: BOD 2 – 353   Price: £257.158  Print Area: 6,9 x 12,2 x 6,6

3 X-axis module, 5 Y-axis modules, 3 Z-axis modules

– Name: BOD 2 – 483   Price: £356.593  Print Area: 9,5 x 19,8 x 6,6

4 X-axis module, 8 Y-axis modules, 3 Z-axis modules

All prices converted from Euros (EUR) to Pounds (GBP)

The creators behind the BOD, aimed to strategically inspire the traditional construction sites to incorporate more 3D technology in to on-site production, proving that its futuristic simplicity and accessibility – along with its high speed and guaranteed quality, make it the ideal addition to the industry.