Experts have recently warned that the construction industry and the government must immediately begin to improve working methods in order to meet the UK’s 2050 zero carbon target.

A report has been released, titled: Transforming Construction for a Low Carbon Future.

The report urges the entire construction sector to step up and act now to be “transformed within a generation, otherwise it will have failed the country and the government will fail in its zero carbon ambitions”.

The Major Contractors Group (MCG) has stated that construction influences 47% of UK carbon emissions and 61% of UK waste. There is a great requirement for a “radical change”.

The report has been described as a “call to arms”, as the MCG recommends that the government releases a clear guidance to aid the country to achieve zero carbon by 2050. To support this, there have been suggestions to create a “Ministry of Carbon” to direct all related activities.

The MCG said that “clients must be open to innovation in both products that may be specified and in methods that are used to deliver them.”

National Federation of Builders’ chairman, Nick Sangwin, said: “This report is not a document to sit on shelves gathering dust, it is designed to galvanise the sector into action, to see the opportunities and to lead the way towards zero carbon by 2050.”

“It is critical that those within the construction sector are stepping forward and implementing a real step-change in the way they do business,” Sangwin continued.

Elements of this report cover the opportunities that currently exist across the construction industry, analysing funding streams, skillsets and modern approaches that could guide to a carbon and waste reduction

As we edge closer to sustainability, experts urge that we enhance our carbon awareness and improve our efforts to save the planet from the adverse effects of construction’s carbon and waste.