With political uncertainty causing a wave of confusion for potential property investors, experts are explaining why there is no reason to let the Brexit-induced stress discourage your efforts and why you should invest in a property.

Mark Lawrinson, the Regional Director of Portico Property estate agents, has revealed the three key factors that you should consider as a property investment this year.

Despite the weaker areas in the market, there is still great opportunity for rental yield and capital gains. To find the best areas for this, check the surroundings for night tubes, Crossrail lines and any other future development projects that might help to determine the long-term investment pipeline.

The local high-street is a substantial indicator of the area’s financial status and potential. Take a look around to check the atmosphere and liveliness of the area. If shops are closing down or there’s little sign of progressive operations, maybe take your investment plans to a better location.

If there are schools nearby within the vicinity, it’s likely to be a rapidly developing area with great financial support. As an investor, schools are usually below or even off the radar – however, with London’s population multiplying at its current rate, schools are definitely something to keep in mind.

The London property market proves to be continuously resilient to whatever obstacles are put in its way. If you’re looking to invest in a property, don’t hold back for political reasons. There will be no way of determining how exactly the outcome of Brexit could impact your investment, if there is any impact at all. With these three key pointers to keep an eye on, you can start your property hunt today.