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Whether you’re a Developer or another type of professional who is working within the construction industry, we have access to a broad range of specialist services to support you.

We have access to a wide range of niche services exclusively to cater for all of your construction insurance needs.

Residential Warranties

You could either be working on a single unit based on a bespoke design, or undertaking a complex conversion project, or even about to embark on a large scale residential development. At Compariqo, no job is too big or too small for us. We have access to a widely varied choice of warranty providers to make sure that we find the best solutions for you.

Mixed Use Schemes

For the buildings with an element of commercial space, typically seen as ground floor usage with residential units above, Compariqo can source the structural warranty that you need for this mixed use development, as you will need to possess different covers for each section of the build. Compariqo can find exactly what you need, whether that’s to cover the whole development or just a specific part.

Financing Solutions

From Development, Bridging and Commercial Finance – We can assist with arranging finance for a wide variety of development projects ranging from building a single unit, multiple unit schemes and commercial developments. We can offer you Premium Finance, providing you with access to payment plans, spreading the cost of your warranty premium to assist with affordability and cashflow.

Contractor Insolvency Cover

If you are a main contractor involved with a construction project, you may be required to provide some form of insolvency cover or bond up to the value of the building contract or an agreed sum. This provides peace of mind to the Developer, should the contractor become insolvent. If this situation occurs, the bond provider will pay the reasonable cost in relation to the contract price to complete the construction work.

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